Jul 7, 2017

First paper plane Smart Store opens in Amsterdam

Innovative stores shows that even simple sheets of paper can be sold in a smart way

First paper plane Smart Store opens in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, July 7th, 2017 - The first store in the world that exclusively sells paper airplanes opened in Amsterdam. The pop-up store introduces the Smart Store concept and showed that even a simple sheet of paper can be sold in an innovative way.

Visitors of the store were assisted by sales staff with a tablet that served them to look-up product information, product decision support, and to pay anywhere in the store. This enabled customers to personalize their paper plane and tailor it to their preferences, such as distance, aerobatics, and float time.

Paper Pilot is an initiative of Count3r. The young company made an app for sales staff to turn regular stores into a Smart Store. “A Smart Store sells more and has more satisfied customers than a regular store”, says Tim Pellikaan, co-founder of Count3r. “Both conversion and customer satisfaction were significantly higher than the industry average. Count3r wants to help every physical store to fit our digital world.” The store results have been visualized and can be found on: www.paperpilot.nl.

About Count3r
Count3r helps to digitalise physical stores and transform them to Smart Stores. Media Markt is the first large customer and the electronics chain is planning to use Count3r in all the Dutch stores. Earlier this year, Count3r won the jury prize for Best Retail Innovation 2017. Count3r aims to finance its growth through crowdfunding. Visit the campaign at www.symbid.com.

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