Jun 12, 2017

We are crowdfunding!

We are financing Count3r’s growth through crowdfunding, so that everyone can become a co-owner. Read further to find out more about our crowdfunding campaign!

We are crowdfunding!

Cars are self-driving, smartphones voice-operated and 3D printers print spare parts. Even on a terrace you order your drink digitally and pay contactless. Technological innovations change our lives, but many shops still operate as if nothing changed. Count3r is committed to the Smart Store and makes store staff relevant again.

Count3r helps stores innovate.

Why are customers still waiting in line to hand over their money? Why do sales associates try to talk their customers into products, while websites compare objectively? Why do retailers only keep track of what customers bought and not what they were looking for in the first place? Retailers are making life too difficult by not innovating, while their customers are doing so all the time.

Stores should be made smarter and Count3r is committed to do just that. Our tablet app for sales associates is the beating heart of every sales interaction, provides all critical information and turns stores data-driven. That is why Media Markt is both our customer and investor. They will use Count3r in all their Dutch stores, because Count3r helps staff sell 20% more and more profitably. We have a proven product, a big launching customer and the ambition to make the next step.

Crowdfunding helps us grow.

We have selected crowdfunding to fund our growth. The Smart Store benefits everybody: consumers, sales staff and retailers. Since we experience many people being enthusiastic about our plans, we want to give everybody the opportunity to participate. However, this crowdfunding is more than an investment, we also want to gather a group of enthusiasts with a vision on retailing. Together we can make the Smart Store happen. Investments start from € 20,-.
The benefits of Count3r’s convertible loan:

  • Receive an annual interest of 8% after a duration of 5 years.
  • Convert the loan into Count3r shares with a next investment round. You receive a 15-30% discount on the price of the next investor.
  • Investors of the first €150k get an additional 5% discount.
  • Have a stake in the store of the future and help to improve your own shopping experience.
  • Receive special rewards when you invest €250,- or more.

With this funding round we wish to expand our team in order to transform even more shops into Smart Stores. Our goal is to raise €250k. This will invest this money in sales, marketing and implementation. In case we raise more, we will step up our international expansion and eventually also target other industries. We initially focus on Dutch retailers and we will move on to the Benelux and German retail markets afterwards.

Do you also want to participate?

Are you interested in investing and becoming a co-owner of Count3r? Learn more on our special crowdfunding page or invest directly at Symbid’s website.

Investing in a startup is fun and exciting, but can also be risky. We recommend to read more about crowdfunding in general on Symbid.

Alex Kleipool | Business Developer at Count3r | alex@count3r.com

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